Member Positions:

All officer positions are open for nominations for Fall 2019.  Send nominations to

CEO (Chief Executive Officer): The Executive Officer should possess personal drive in abundance, a dedication to the Group’s student operators, and an understanding of what each position in T.A.L.O.N.S. Group is responsible for.

COO (Chief Operations Officer): This position will require some personal initiative, a mind for organizing details, a desire to communicate and coordinate with others, and a willingness to inspire group members.

CAO (Chief Administration Officer): This position will require a great level of personal and professional organization, a high level of dedication, and a drive to see tasks through to completion.

CFO (Chief Financial Officer): This position will require the ability to track small details and their changes over the duration of a semester; as well as, effectively plan for the future. The ability to balance a checkbook is an absolute must.

CTO (Chief Technology Officer): (This position will require an above average understanding of current technologies and their uses; along with, an ability to effectively translate this knowledge to others, and the patience to do so.) The CTO will manage the club website and social media.