NSA Day of Cyber

November 13th begins National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week. NWACC students, faculty and staff as well as other local schools are invited to participate in the National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week Cybersecurity Challenge, a nation-wide challenge for educators, students, career counselors, and others that will ignite interest in cybersecurity careers by enabling participants to test drive cybersecurity careers with a free online cybersecurity career exploration platform called the NSA Day of Cyber.  The event will run from November 13th to December 5th.

The NSA Day of Cyber is an interactive web platform that enables students to take a seat beside the NSA Cyber Threat Director and test drive a day in the life of six NSA cybersecurity professionals. Students virtually participate in challenging real-world cybersecurity scenarios that will allow them to discover the skills and tools used by the NSA cybersecurity professionals and explore the vast number of careers in cybersecurity. Once completed, each student will receive their Cybersecurity Resume and Certificate of Completion.

To learn about careers in cybersecurity with the the interactive NSA Day of Cyber module visit: https://prod.lifejourney.us 
Our NWACC registration key is 225j84g